Sanatorium Centre and Active Autumn Of Life

The PDF version of the invitation can be downloaded here: Invitation – Active Autumn Sanatorium Centre and Active Autumn of Life. We would like to present to you a project, which would not only allow you to spend your retirement years in comfortable conditions and in a cordial atmosphere, but also where you could use your life experience and activelyRead the Rest…

Climbing Works – Masts


Climbing works based on installing steel construction masts are conducted by our Cooperative throughout Poland. Below is an example of the works of one of our Cooperative’s members. Contractor: Grzegorz Lipiński     G

Repair Of The Water Tower In Trzemeszno

Trzemeszno (14)

The company KOMINBUD won first prize for the repair of the water tower in Trzemeszno in the competition CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR 1994. On the basis of documentation from the year 1931 we recreated the fine architectural details. Our commitment was noticed by the professional environment and the local community. In the year 1995 from the Minister of Spatial PlanningRead the Rest…

Transport Gallery – Pieniężno


Modernization of the transport gallery (a lift – rail basket) in the Pieniężno Lift. Contracting Party: ELEWARR Sp. z o.o. Company Branch in Malbork Technical specifications: Length: 70 m; Height above the tracks: 10 m; External circumference of the transport gallery: 10.20 m; Design assumptions: 1. Receiving tensile forces in the lower belt of the spans by the 32 mmRead the Rest…

„Between Mission And Commerce” – Our First Debate On Postal Delivery


On 2 July 2014 was the first public debate entitled „Between mission and commerce – postal delivery”. The meeting organised jointly by the University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów and the cooperative „Skylight Reactivation” was attended by: Wojciech Kądziołka – Spokesman for the Polish Postal Group S.A., Janusz Jank – Director of Strategic Business Relationships for InPost Sp. z o.o…Read the Rest…

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